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Immediate end to Israel's violence against the Palestinian people

Israel’s brutal attack, with aerial and terrestrial means, on the Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin, which on July 3 alone left 10 dead, more than 100 injured and the expulsion of hundreds of families, is a new and unacceptable act of violence against the Palestinian people.

The attack on the Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin is carried out following the escalation of attacks by the armed forces and police, and groups of Israeli settlers, which have already caused, this year alone, the death of more than 185 Palestinians. A wave of violence that is inseparable from the government led by Netanyahu, which includes openly fascist forces defending the occupation of the whole of Palestine.

The PCP condemns and demands an immediate end to Israel's violence against the martyred Palestinian people and the respect by the Israeli government of international law, including the numerous UN resolutions on the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

The PCP also condemns and demands an immediate end to the continued bombings by the Israeli air force against Syria.

The connivance of the successive US administrations and governments of countries that make up the European Union with Israel's criminal policy against the Palestinian people can only deserve the strongest denunciation.

It is unacceptable that words of formal recognition of the national rights of the Palestinian people do not correspond to firm political positions of real repudiation of Israel's illegal policy of colonisation and oppression of the Palestinian people.

Connivance with Israel's policy against the Palestinian people is co-responsible for the escalation of violence and threatens to sink the Middle East region into a war of major proportions.

The PCP considers that the Portuguese Government must assume a position of clear defence of the immediate fulfilment of the right of the Palestinian people to a sovereign and independent State, with the 1967 borders and capital in East Jerusalem, and the implementation of the right of return of refugees, in compliance with relevant UN resolutions.

Saluting the Palestinian people who, under very difficult conditions and using the most diverse forms of struggle, continue their legitimate resistance, the PCP calls for solidarity with their struggle for their inalienable national rights, for an end to provocations and violence by Israeli authorities and settlers, for the end of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, for the release of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners, including many minors, jailed in Israeli prisons.


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