Message PCP Central Committee

Greetings to the Communist Party of Cuba on the occasion of the 60th.anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

We convey to you warm and fraternal greetings from the Portuguese Communist Party on the occasion of the 60th. Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and through you to the Cuban people, builder of the exalting task and invaluable project of asserting the sovereignty and independence of their country and of the construction of a new society, of free men and women, freed from exploitation and capitalist oppression.

The heroic deed of the Cuban revolutionaries is inscribed in the History of Humanity as a valorous and brave act of liberation that, born and made a revolutionary process, is continued today, honouring the historical heritage of the Revolution and the memory of the heroic combatants of the Sierra Maestra, in the action and the struggle of the Communist Party of Cuba and of the Cuban people with the construction of socialism.

60 years later, the Cuban Revolution continues to confirm itself as a "socialist and democratic Revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble", as the great revolutionary and statesman Fidel Castro affirmed. A Revolution that despite the attacks, blockades and conspiracies to which it was and is subject, resists, persists and advances, maintaining the path of socialism and its extraordinary achievements in fields such as Education, Health or Culture. A Revolution with deep popular roots and participation, whose capacity for resistance and transformation lies in the deeply democratic character of popular power, its achievements and internationalism that makes Cuba the subject of admiration and solidarity of all progressive humanity.

At a time when imperialism and reaction strengthen their aggressive offensive to try to destroy the swing of sovereignty and progress that Latin America and the Caribbean have undergone in recent decades, the Cuban Revolution has provided a valuable incentive for resistance and confidence.

There being no models of revolution, and no single path to the revolutionary transformation of society, it is fair to say that at a time when the struggle for freedom, sovereignty, democracy, progress, peace and socialism is decisive to prevent the recurrence of some of the darkest pages of history, the Cuban Revolution and its example of firmness, dignity and selflessness are a powerful element of hope and confidence in the future, a stimulus for the liberating struggle of workers and peoples around the world and for the affirmation of socialism as the necessary and possible alternative to capitalism undergoing a deep crisis.

In greeting the Cuban communists, and through them the Cuban people, the Portuguese Communist Party reaffirms its deep and unrelenting solidarity with Cuba and its Socialist Revolution, renewing its commitment to continue to fight, in the trenches of truth and justice, the campaigns, threats and attempts of interference, in particular the criminal US blockade against Cuba; to defend the right of the Cuban people to freely decide their course; and to contribute to the strengthening of the ties of friendship and solidarity that bind the Portuguese people and the Cuban people.

Expressing our confidence in the Cuban Revolution and in its capacity to face the most complex challenges with remarkable determination and coherence, we wish the greatest successes to the action and struggle of the Communist Party of Cuba and reiterate our wish to continue deepening the relations of friendship and cooperation between both our parties.