The European Parliament instigates confrontation and war - the peoples want peace and cooperation

The European Parliament instigates confrontation and war - the peoples want peace and cooperation

The European Parliament's resolution regarding the creation of a so-called «special tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine», which is conceived to meet the interests of the USA, NATO and the European Union, is one more maneouvre that seeks to carry even further the policy of confrontation and war.

A maneouvre which, through the use of this pretense «special tribunal», seeks to create obstacles, or even render impossible, the necessary dialogue with a view to finding a political resolution of the conflict and, at the same time, to inspire the continuation of the policy of confrontation, siege and isolation of Russia, thereby making more difficult any understanding between the parties, detente and the normalisation of relations at an international level, the defense of peace, cooperation and disarmament, especially in Europe.

This is a stratagem which, besides whitewashing the profound responsibilities and the involvement of the USA, NATO and the EU, among other actors, in the conflict in Ukraine, is significantly promoted by those who systematically disrespect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of countries, the principles of the United Nations' Charter and of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference. They are those who, being responsible for numerous wars of aggression, were never made accountable for the resulting legacy of death, suffering and destruction, leaving unpunished the crimes committed against Korea, Vietnam, the Palestinian people, against African peoples, against Yugoslavia, Irak, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria, among so many other aggressions perpetrated by the USA, NATO and its members, as well as their allies.

These aspects highlight the illegitimacy, the instrumental nature and the hypocrisy of this so-called «special tribunal», which is an artifice from the political and legal point of view. In its essence, and just like war propaganda and spiralling sanctions, it seeks nothing other than to be used as an instrument of confrontation, as an integral part of the so-called «rules-based international order» proclaimed by the USA.

It is therefore particularly serious that attempts are being made to involve and seeking the backing of the United Nations Organisation for this operation, including through pressure and blackmail over countries that have their own stance regarding the conflict, not aligning themselves with a war-mongering escalation. The insistence on instrumentalising the United Nations in order to impose the logic of confrontation, and not that of peace, undermines its very foundations and its very existence.

The instigation of war, the arms race, the spiral of sanctions imposed by the USA, the European Union and NATO, are causing a serious deterioration in the economic and social situation, with speculation, the increase in the prices of energy, foodstuffs and other essential commodities.

Aware of the serious dangers that this policy implies for the peoples of Europe and of the world, the PCP members of the European Parliament insist that it is urgent that the USA, NATO and the European Union cease to instigate and feed the war in Ukraine and that paths of negotiation with the other participants, namely the Russian Federation, be opened up with a view to finding a political solution, responding to the problems of collective security and disarmament in Europe, the fulfilment of the principles of the UN Charter and of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference.

It is necessary to defend dialogue with a view to peace, analysing the causes of the conflict, and not to instigate and feed an escalation of unpredictable consequences, which this resolution and the path that it indicates are contributing to do.

The peoples want and need cooperation and peace, not yet another intitiative that incites confrontation and war.