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For an end to the blockade against Cuba

For an end to the blockade against Cuba

On November 1, the United Nations General Assembly adopted, for the 26th. time, a resolution calling for an immediate end to the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, with 191 votes in favour, two votes against (United States and Israel), and no abstentions.

The blockade imposed by the United States, illegitimate and illegal under international law, violates Cuba’s sovereignty and violates the right of the Cuban people to access essential material goods in health, food, education, sports, culture, and development, entailing heavy losses and consequences for Cuba's economy and finances.

It is particularly serious that the US and the current Trump administration, significantly isolated internationally and only supported by the Zionist State of Israel, had previously announced their intention to intensify the blockade against Cuba, a decision that among other hostile measures was reflected in the change of their voting compared to 2016, from abstention to a vote against the resolution now adopted.

Welcoming the outcome of this vote in the UN General Assembly, the Portuguese Communist Party reaffirms the demand for an end to the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against the Republic of Cuba and salutes the Communist Party of Cuba and the Cuban people for their resistance and determination to face US interventionist and interfering policies, the consistent defence of the sovereign right to decide their fate and to pursue the path of the socialist revolution, facing with solidarity and determination the violent offensive of US imperialism in Latin America and Caribbean.

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