Statement by Margarida Botelho

On the election of Paulo Raimundo as General Secretary of the PCP

On the election of Paulo Raimundo as General Secretary of the PCP

The most important body of the PCP is its Congress, which is made up of delegates elected from all Party organisations, in a very participatory and broad process, in which tens of thousands of militants discuss the analyses and guidelines for a period of four years.  Each delegate represents his organisation and takes its proposals to the Congress.

Every Congress elects a Central Committee, which is responsible for leading the Party between congresses. It is the Central Committee that elects from among its members the executive bodies, the Political Committee, the Secretariat, as well as the Central Control Commission and the Secretary General.

As you know, in view of the issue raised by comrade Jerónimo de Sousa regarding his substitution, a hearing process began, which resulted in a broad convergence of opinions to propose comrade Paulo Raimundo for this important task.

In today’s meeting, the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party elected Paulo Raimundo as General Secretary of the PCP. The proposal from the executive bodies was unanimously adopted. Paulo Raimundo chose not to vote in his election.

The Central Committee conveys to the Portuguese workers, youth and people the PCP's determination to fight for a developed and sovereign country, for a world of peace, for freedom, democracy and socialism – and that is what we shall do.