Statement by Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary of the PCP

On the 45th anniversary of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic

On the 45th anniversary of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic

On this April 2nd, we commemorate 45 years since the approval of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, one of the most beautiful and progressive constitutional texts in the world. This Fundamental Law resulting from the Revolution of April 25, 1974, embodied the principles and values of the freedom then achieved, corresponding to the deepest desires of the Portuguese people, and enshrined the revolutionary transformations carried out during the revolutionary process. The Constitution is, itself, one of the fundamental achievements of the April Revolution and as Álvaro Cunhal said, it is "testimony and a faithful portrait of the Portuguese revolution".

The Constitution has proved to be fundamental and indispensable in regulating our democratic life, but also a basis that reinforces the legitimacy of the struggle, the desires and aspirations of workers and people for a better life, for a Portugal with greater fraternity and solidarity, freedom and democracy.

Since its construction, the Constitution has had its declared enemies, but also enemies in disguise, as made evident over the last 45 years.

The conservative and reactionary forces, political and social, the great economic and financial interests, have never, to this day, accepted its liberating and emancipating project.

The Constitution faced cyclical offensives that mutilated and impoverished it in several areas and relevant aspects, an offensive that today seeks to regain strength and achieve its long-standing objectives. No! The Constitution did not impose the governmental choices that led the country into crisis, to economic and social regression, that made it more dependent.

Yes! The Constitution of the Republic continues to guarantee important political, economic, social and cultural rights of workers and the people. But it does not defend itself.

Its topicality and close identification with the deepest aspirations of the Portuguese workers and people is the guarantee that its defense will always be the work of the people who inspired and built it with their struggle, of those who do not lose hope, nor the confidence to resume its project of a better, more just and more fraternal society that the Constitution of the Republic projects!

Yes, Long Live the Constitution of the Republic!

Long live the values of April!

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