Release from the PCP Press Office

25th. of April – All over the country, popular celebrations return to the streets

The PCP reaffirms its call for all those who identify with the achievements, rights and values enshrined with the 25th. of April to join and participate in the popular celebrations that, all over the country, are under preparation.

Adopting all measures of protection in terms of public health and prevention in view of the epidemic, these celebrations are also proof that life can and must continue to enliven the sense of collective experience and participation as indispensable for the affirmation of the rights and values of April.

And above all, making the participation also a time to stop the lockdown of rights and freedoms, demand an answer to the most pressing economic and social problems that the workers and people face, resulting from the epidemic and the use that is being made of it to increase exploitation and to demand another policy capable of ensuring a more developed Country.

To defend and affirm April and its values is even more topical when the attempt to whitewash fascism and what it represented in terms of oppression and corruption of a State at the service of monopolists and landowners continues.

Denouncing provocative actions of a fascistic nature and other diversion manoeuvres that aim to encourage sterile controversies with a view to diminishing the scope and meaning of the celebrations of the 25th. of April - whether the official acts, or, in particular, those of a popular nature -, the PCP calls on the workers, the population, the youth and the democrats so that all over the country they can make their participation a moment of affirmation of what April represents in terms of progress and achievement in the field of freedom, rights, and progress. April is celebrated and defended with those who are identified with it and not with those who aim to destroy it.

The PCP reaffirms its full engagement and commitment to the values of April, deeply rooted in the Portuguese people. It is through their affirmation, defence and enhancement that the path to a more developed, fair and sovereign Portugal will be built.

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