Speech by Jaime Toga, Member of the Political Committee of the Central Committee, XX Congresso do PCP

The struggle for building a patriotic and left-wing alternative

The struggle for building a patriotic and left-wing alternative

Today, after 40 years of right-wing policy, 30 years of capitalist integration of the European Union and after the devastating consequences of the application of the Pact of Aggression, there increasing number of Portuguese who, looking at the situation of the country, recognize that it is not possible to face the national problems without breaking with the external and internal constraints and without achieving a policy in defense of the people and the country, that takes advantage of its potentials, overcomes present deficits and develops guaranteeing a better life for our people.

If, even hearing the downpour of commentaries and prophecies stating the path of worsening exploitation and impoverishment, the Portuguese resisted and fought, defeating the PSD/CDS government and opening the path to a new stage in the national political life. Now as well, identifying the limited and insufficient reach of the advances and achievements, it will be possible to go further, breaking with the constraints and impositions.

The workers and people are not condemned to choose between the return of PSD/CDS and its policy of cuts and theft, or the perpetuation of a PS government that, committed with the right-wing policy over the last four decades, maintains a subordination to the process of capitalist integration of the European Union and the interests of monopolist capital.

A rupture that opens the way for a patriotic and left-wing policy is necessary and possible.

It is necessary, because without it the Country will not overcome its difficulties, will not take advantage of its potentials and the people will continue to grow poorer faced with a debt that drains resources and conditions the necessary responses.

It is possible because the Country has the necessary forces, wealth, wills and abilities, enough to build a path capable of returning to the progressive direction of April.

The alternative the Country needs claims for a determined and incessant action of all the forces – political and social –, of all the men and women that do not resign or accept that Portugal drown or impoverish while big capital absorbs its riches and potentials.

It is for a rupture with the right-wing policy and towards assuming a sovereign path based on a patriotic and left-wing policy that guarantees the freedom of the Country from the submission to the Euro and the impositions and constraints of the European Union, that we:

- Promote the renegotiation of the debt creating conditions for the necessary public investment, development and job creation;

- value the work and the workers, promoting job with rights, the fight against unemployment and precariousness, and higher pensions;

- defend and promote national production and the productive sectors;

-guarantee public control of the banking sector and the basic strategic sectors of the economy;

- defend fiscal justice;

- and ensure the democratic regime and the fulfilment the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

It is a possible path with the decisive involvement of the working class and the workers, and the massive participation of all the anti-monopolist classes and sectors, of all those afflicted by the right-wing policy, all those who are truly and genuinely interested in inverting the path of national politics.

A path that, pointing towards a patriotic and left-wing alternative as the objective of the current phase of the struggle for Advanced Democracy, is built step by step, around concrete objectives, by labor, social, economic and political demands, with larger and smaller actions, and is as always the condition towards deepening the social and political consciousness and broadening the demand for another path that breaks with the path of increasing exploitation and impoverishment.

This is the path, with the convergence of all those affected by the right-wing policy, of all democrats and patriots, of struggle by all those who aspire to a developed and sovereign Portugal, all who are seriously committed towards a change that assumes the Constitution and the values of April it embodies as its matrix of development, the path we trail, widening the social front of struggle, conscious of the complexity of the process and the obstacles it will face.

But it is will the certainty that the path is just and that a stronger PCP is indispensable, stronger politically, socially, ideologically and electorally, that we march forward, committed to that struggle that unites and converges forces and will of democrats and patriots that are seriously committed towards and alternative.

We will act and struggle, with respect for differences; overcoming prejudice, hegemonic ambitions and refusing marginalizations, pursuing and deepening this path conscious of the hardships and convinced it is possible to stop national decline and ensure development and progress.

We resisted, fought and advance honoring our History and our project, making clear that the patriotic and left-wing alternative is not built with PCP alone, but is not possible without or against PCP.

As throughout our more than 95 years of history and struggle, we knew at each moment how to define points of convergence and unity, now as well, we will intervene to take advantage of all the possibilities to advance, but conscious that the limitations of the current framework does not allow the resolution of the problems of the people and country.

That is why, with the reference of the Constitution and the values of April, we fight for a patriotic and left-wing policy, with a government that gives it shape.

A government with the communists, the democratic sectors and individuals, that counts on the support of the mass organizations and movements of the anti-monopolists social sectors, whose viability and political and institutional support is in the hands of the Portuguese people to achieve with their attitude, their struggle and their vote.

A government to serve the workers and the people, that assumes and exercises national sovereignty, guaranteeing the primacy of the interest of people and Country.

We know that History does not repeat itself, but we know to draw proper lessons from it.

As in all our collective life, and in particular in the April revolution, it is with PCP, it is with our people that we will build the patriotic and left-wing alternative, with advanced democracy and socialism on the horizon.

Onwards to the struggle, comrades!

Long live the 20th Congress of PCP!
Long live JCP!
Long live PCP!

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