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On the results of the first round of the elections in France

On the results of the first round of the elections in France

The results of the first round of the Parliamentary elections in France, which convey political and ideological expressions of an ever deeper structural crisis of capitalism in Europe are, despite the need for further and deeper assessments, cause for serious concern.

a record level of abstentions, over 50%, that reflects the detachment of the French people from a political system that is submerged in a deep crisis, and with an anti-democratic electoral law that cannot reflect the will of the electorate, the prospect of an absolute majority for the political party that was created within the framework of the election of Macron, who is clearly an instrument of big finance capital, is a bad omen.

In the first place, for the French workers and people, who are already confronted with a violent ongoing offensive against labour rights and public services and the intended constitutionalization of the curtailment of fundamental freedoms and rights, that have been set into place with the state of emergency. But also due to the proclaimed strengthening of the Franco-German axis and the 'reinforced cooperations' that seek to impose a new leap forward in the European Union's neoliberal, militarist and federalist policies.

The PCP, following with great concern the developments in the political situation in France and their repercussions in Europe, expresses its confidence that the French workers and progressive forces will not allow the setting up in that great country of an authoritarian power at the service of French and European big capital, and will defend the interests of the workers and the people, on the path of social progress.

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