PCP in solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party

PCP in solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party

The PCP «denounces and stongly condemns» the arrest by the Sudanese Authorities of several members do the Sudanese Communist Party (PCS), namely of its Central Committee, including Ali Said and Fathi Alfadl, members os the Political Bureau of the SCP, as well as the siege of the siege of the SCP headquarters by military and police forces.

The hundreds of arrests of activists that have taken place are part of the wave of repression with which the Sudanese government seeks to smother the wave of popular demonstrations which have, since December, been held to protest the increase in the price of essential goods and other anti-social policies.

In the solidarity message send to SCP, the PCP «reaffirms its solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party, as well as with the struggle of the Sudanese wrokers and people, for their legitimate rights and aspirations, for peace, democracy and »social progress.»

  • Peace and Solidarity