PCP repudiates anti-communist escalation in Poland

PCP repudiates anti-communist escalation in Poland

In the aftermath of the Polish Government’s initiative to undertake a process of amendment to the penal code of the country, through which, in particular with the inclusion of article 256, it aims to criminalize communist ideology and ban the activity of Polish communists, the Portuguese Communist Party addressed a letter to the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Portugal, reaffirming its firm repudiation of the intensification of the anti-communist campaign in Poland and the repeated acts of political and legal harassment aimed at the leaders and activists of the Communist Party of Poland, as well as of other anti-fascists, democrats and Polish citizens.

The PCP states in its letter that the adoption of the amendment to the Polish penal code "would undoubtedly represent a very serious breach of political freedoms and rights in Poland, which would be incompatible with respect and compliance of democratic rights" and denounces the connivance of the State with the promotion of retrograde forces of a xenophobic and neo-fascist nature, and the upsurge of historical revisionism, notably with the whitewashing of Nazi-fascism, a cause for deep concern.

In view of this reality, the PCP reaffirmed its solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland and other Polish democrats and condemned the ongoing anti-communist and anti-democratic escalation in Poland. It also stressed its determination to continue to protest against the attempts and campaigns to curtail the freedom and political action of the Communists and all those who struggle for democracy, social progress and socialism in Poland.

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