PCP in the Czech Republic

PCP in the Czech Republic

A PCP delegation, led by Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary of the Party, travelled to the Czech Republic on May12, 13 and 14, at the invitation of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM).

The visit, which took place in the context of the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two parties, included various meetings and sessions with the KSCM leadership, namely with its president, Vojtěch Filip, with the three vice-presidents of the party and other members of its Political Bureau.

The meetings, held in the Czech capital, Prague, enabled a deeper mutual understanding; the exchange of information in the context of political and institutional intervention, policy of alliances, analysis of the situation on the European continent and at the global level; as well as an in-depth exchange of experiences on organisation and connection with the masses which, as stated by the leaders of the KSCM, is one of the priorities laid down in the KSCM Congress held in May 2016, along with the preparation of the legislative elections this coming October and the local elections in 2018.

The PCP delegation, which was also included Ângelo Alves, member of the Political Committee and of the International Section, also visited the city of Frýdek-Místek in the region of Moravia-Silesia to participate in the Vratimov theoretical Seminar organised by the KSCM. In this seminar, a traditional meeting point of dialogue between communists and other political figures, spoke Jerónimo de Sousa, Vojtěch Filip, as well as Jan Kavan, former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs and former chairman of the General Assembly of the UN, among others.

This visit contributed to the deepening of relations of friendship and cooperation with the KSCM, a party that despite the difficult conditions in which it intervenes (prohibition of communist symbols, ban on the organisation of political parties in companies and workplaces and youth organizations in schools) maintains a significant political and electoral influence and with which the PCP cooperates bilaterally and within the Confederal Group of the GUE/NGL in the European Parliament and the process of the International Meetings of Communist and Workers' Parties.

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