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PCP condemns a new putschist plot against Venezuela

The PCP strongly condemns the new putschist plot against Venezuela and its people, carried out by extreme right-wing forces responsible for acts of great violence, with the support of a group of military, and the support of Trump’s US administration and of reactionary governments of the so-called Lima Group.

A new putschist plot which, following the defeats of the February 23 and April 6 provocations against Venezuela and in violation of the Venezuelan constitutional order, is directed against the legitimate President, Nicolas Maduro, and aimed to submit the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the dictates of the USA.

The PCP denounces the systematic action of destabilization, attempted coups, boycotts, terrorist action, sabotage of the electricity system and water supply, speculation and hoarding, sanctions, economic, financial, political and diplomatic blockade, and the threat of military intervention, through which the US seeks to aggravate the economic situation of Venezuela and the difficulties that its people face.

The PCP considers that the Portuguese Government, instead of its stand of not demarcating from the violent action of the putschist forces and of the US and siding with the attempt to whitewash it, should condemn the putschist action and reject the constant interference and operation of destabilization and subversion targeting Venezuela and its people. This is the stand that, consistent with the principles of the Constitution of the Republic and international law, will defend national interests, including those of the Portuguese community in Venezuela.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the Bolivarian forces and the Venezuelan people and their struggle in defence of the Bolivarian Revolution and the sovereignty of their homeland.

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