Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns the massacre of Palestinians by Israel

The PCP strongly condemns the barbaric massacre carried out for weeks by Israel against the demonstrators of the "Great March of Return", which caused on May 14 alone, more than 50 Palestinians dead and thousands wounded.

The criminal nature of the leaders of Israel is clear in their calculated option of marking the 70th. anniversary of the creation of their State with a new massacre of the Palestinian people, confirming that the 70-year Catastrophe (Nakba) - which expelled from their homes and land more than 750,000 Palestinians - continues to this day.

A heinous crime whose responsibility lies equally on the United States of America and the provocations of its President, Donald Trump, and also on all those who have systematically covered Israel's Zionist policy, living with its continuing insult to international legality and ensuring impunity for its crimes.

The PCP stresses that yesterday's serious events were not “a confrontation” between “two parties”, as some have tried to have us believe, but a deliberate massacre in which unarmed Palestinian demonstrators were coldly shot by Israeli forces. Palestinians who rightly claim respect for the right of their people to an independent homeland and the return of refugees, inalienable rights that have been recognised for more than seven decades by numerous UN resolutions but which remain unfulfilled - given the Zionist policy of “Great Israel“, which refuses the two state solution, turns Gaza into a prison and is violently seizing the territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The present seriousness is not resolved with statements which, by concealing the massacre and covering its perpetrators, back and hide their connivance with Israel's systematic violation of international legality - a path which, if not stopped, will lead to a disaster of even greater proportions in the Middle East. The Portuguese Government has the duty to raise the voice of Portugal in the denunciation and straightforward condemnation of this inadmissible situation.

On the 70th. anniversary of the 1948 "Nakba", the PCP, highlighting the public event held yesterday in Lisbon and that is taking place today in Oporto, reaffirms its long-standing solidarity with the heroic and martyred Palestinian people and their struggle for the legitimate aspirations to an independent, sovereign and viable state with capital in East Jerusalem, and ensuring the right of return of refugees, in accordance with the numerous UN resolutions.

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