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For the liberation of Ahmad Sa’adat and other Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails

The Portuguese Communist Party expresses its solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), who is imprisoned in Israel, and associates itself with the «International Week – Freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat», promoted by organizations defending Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.

Ahmad Sa’adat was sentenced to a thirty-year jail term by an Israeli military court, for fighting for the freedom of the Palestinian people, for resisting the illegal occupation of his country, for denouncing the crimes of which his people are the victims. This sentence is all the more illegal and illegitimate, as it was passed by a military court of the State that is the occupying power and which, in confrontation with International Law, carries out a policy of colonization and oppression of the Palestinian people.

While in Israeli jails, Ahmad Sa’adat has been subjected to the most violent and harsh conditions, with over three years in total solitary confinement, which were only ended after a persistant resistance movement. Ahmad Sa’adat, like many other Palestinian political prisoners, has transformed the jails into yet another terrain of resistance to the occupation and of unity of the Palestinian national resistance movement.

There are over 6 thousand Palestinian political prisoners who are currently in Israeli prisons, patriots, political leaders, elected officials, men, women and children, who are in jail for defending their land against the encroachement of the colonization, for resisting the daily violence and humiliation, for not conforming themselves and for fighting for their right to live in peace, in freedom and with sovereignty, in their own country.

The liberation of the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails – many of them detained without formal charges and subjected to violent conditions, including torture – are one of the fundamental aspects of the Palestinian people’s national cause.

On this occasion, the PCP reiterates its solidarity with the struggle of the PFLP and of all other revolutionary, progressive and patriotic Palestinian forces, against the Zionist occupation and for the respect and materialization of the Palestinian people’s inalienable national rights.

Certain of interpreting the feelings of the Portuguese people, the PCP calls for stepping up the activity, in Portugal, of the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people’s national cause, including the demand for the liberation of all Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israel’s jails.

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