Jerónimo de Sousa meets Dilma Rousseff

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Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary of the Portuguese Communist Party, welcomed Dilma Rousseff, within the framework of her trip to Portugal.

During the meeting, Jerónimo de Sousa reaffirmed the PCP's position of solidarity with the elected President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, denouncing and condemning the true coup d'Etat which her illegitimate ousting represented. That ousting was a putschist manoeuvre targeting the process of sovereign affirmation, and with a progressive course, that took place in Brazil since 2003, after the election of President Lula da Silva and, later on, with the election of Dilma Rousseff to the Presidency of Brazil.

The General Secretary of the PCP reaffirmed the Portuguese Communists' solidarity with the Communists and other Brazilian patriots and progressive people, in their resistance to the offensive against democracy, against the rights and the sovereign assertion of Brazil, an offensive which is spearheaded by Michel Temer's putschist government, and to retake the path of political, economic and social transformations which the Brazilian workers and people aspire to.

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