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On the Final Peace Accord in Colombia

On the Final Peace Accord in Colombia

On the Final Peace Accord in Colombia

PCP values the the signing of the Final Peace Accord in Colombia, on August 24th, and the successful process of peace conversations, held in Havana, since 2012, between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP), valuing the solidarity of the Government of Cuba, as well as the commitment of the Government of Norway and other countries that accompanied the negotiations.

The conclusion of the peace dialogues in Havana – whose signed accord will be subject to a national plebiscite on October 2nd – and the perspective of obtaining a definitive peace agreement in Colombia represents, in itself, an important event for that country, Latin America and the world, by raising renewed expectations of a political solution to a conflict that endures for more than 50 years, that represents a turn of the page that responds the just and legitimate aspirations and demands of the Colombian people for democracy and social justice, providing a solution to the serious political and social problems that were the origin of the armed uprising.

PCP saluted the bilateral and definitive cease fire to which the Government of Colombia finally agreed and that comes into effect at zero hundred today.

Underlining the importance of the agreement and the integral implementation of the terms and guarantees of the Accord by the Government of Colombia, PCP reiterates to the Colombian people, communists, democrats and patriots the solidarity of Portuguese communists with their struggle for a better future, peace, sovereignty and social progress.

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