Release from the PCP Press Office

"On the European Parliament’s decision on Hungary"

The PCP strongly denounces and condemns the attacks on democracy, social rights, fundamental freedoms and guarantees of the citizens in Hungary. But the PCP also rejects the fact that, under the pretext of this situation - which, moreover, portrays the policies of the EU itself - the European Union tries to pave the way to increase its threats, blackmail, impositions and sanctions against the States and their peoples.

It is the deepening of the supranational character of the EU and its policies - determined by its great powers and great economic interests -, its increasing disregard for national sovereignty and social rights, which is paving the way for the advance of the far right and fascist forces in Europe.

Due to this fundamental reason, we do not recognise the EU's authority or legitimacy as a judge or even a reference as regards democracy and human rights. The intervention of the troika, particularly in Portugal, the xenophobic and exploitative nature of EU migration policies, the support given to fascist forces in Ukraine, the aggression against sovereign States – are themselves an evidence of this.

The PCP alerts that the invocation by the EU of the condemnation of populism and intolerable practices in Hungary, rather than the rejection of those practices which it has widely promoted in many countries and situations, is intended to set a precedent for the arbitrary application of sanctions and impositions against the sovereignty of States.

Continuing the fight against attacks on freedom and democracy, we reaffirm our solidarity with the communists and other democrats who in Hungary resist the policies promoted by the Hungarian Government and the EU.

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