Speech by Ilda Figueiredo, Member of the Central Committee of PCP, XXth Congresss of the PCP

The struggle and the anti-imperialist unity. The struggle for peace

The struggle and the anti-imperialist unity. The struggle for peace

Dear comrades,

We are experiencing a particularly complex international moment marked by the deepening of the structural crisis of capitalism in which imperialism intensifies its violent and multifaceted offensive, with a worsening insecurity and instability of the situation in Europe and the World as a result of the militarist and aggressive escalation promoted by the States United, by NATO, the great powers of the European Union and its allies, who continue to implement policies and measures, targeting the peoples and States that affirm their rights, sovereignty and independence.

The conclusions of the NATO summits confirm and intensify its advance to the borders of the Russian Federation, particularly after the coup and the growing fascization of Ukraine, aiming to further strengthen its presence in the Baltic countries and to enhance partnerships, or even integration of several neighbouring countries, promoting the race for new and more sophisticated arms, and continuing to install more components of the offensive US anti-missile system in several countries of Europe and Asia, which represents a serious threat to the nuclear balance, all the more serious since the US insists on its concept of “first strike” with nuclear weapons.

The US and NATO offensive is the major threat that people today face, assuming particular importance the situation in the Middle East, where the US, with the support of Israel and other allies, continues the aggression against Syria, Iraq and Yemen. This militaristic and aggressive drift of NATO, led by the United States, carries the danger of triggering an escalation of conflicts that could lead to the outbreak of a confrontation of great and incalculable consequences for Mankind.

But the peoples fight and resist, as in Palestine or Syria where the people carry on a firm and courageous patriotic resistance.
The peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean also continue to fight against the US imperialist offensive allied to national oligarchies, a significant example of which is the coup in Brazil, seeking to reverse the processes of sovereign affirmation and progressive direction that have taken place there, as is the case in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, and Cuba, which has achieved the liberation of the five Cuban patriots in the United States, continues the struggle against the blockade by the United States and for the return of the territory of Guantanamo.

The strengthening of the struggle against war and militarism, for peace and solidarity with the peoples who are victims of imperialist interference and aggression, is one of the great demands of our time, as was also made clear at the recently held World Peace Assembly in Brazil.

The reinforcement of the anti-imperialist front is a challenge and an urgent need of our time. The huge risks posed by the present international situation also include possibilities for greater and broader action for peace, disarmament, solidarity, respect for the sovereignty and independence of States, the peaceful resolution of international conflicts, respect for the right to self-determination of peoples - principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

More than at any other moment in recent history, it is particularly timely and urgent today to strengthen the dialogue between progressive and anti-imperialist forces. As stated in the Theses presented to our Congress, the communists have a special responsibility but also a unique experience and heritage in the construction of social and political alliances that can stop the objectives of imperialism at the national and international level.
We believe it is particularly important to develop the cooperation of the communist parties with other democratic, progressive and anti-imperialist forces, contributing, through the affirmation of their own objectives and without dilution of their identity, to the exchange of experiences and unity in action, aiming the materialisation of immediate tasks and objectives of struggle.

For this reason, the PCP is committed to internationalist solidarity, to cooperation and convergence with the political and social forces that in their countries fight in defence of the interests of workers and peoples and in the spreading and greater expression of the anti-imperialist front to stop imperialism’s offensive and to open the way for the construction of a new international order of peace, sovereignty and social progress.

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