«A world-wide Festival»

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

Once again, the arrival of the solidarity presence of many foreign delegations is expected, with the greatest satisfaction, arriving from the four corners of the world, to attend the Avante Festival.

Owing to their participation, the Festival ought to be a debate forum on the international situation developments and great tendencies, capitalism structural crisis, rearrangement forces process, at a global level, imperialism offensive, particularly the North-American, world-wide workers and peoples resistance and struggle – particularly in Europe, Middle East or even Latin America -, besides Marx’s topical line of thought, regarding the struggle of all exploited and oppressed, towards their social emancipation.

During the Festival, the expression of solidarity towards the people of Palestine, concerning their inalienable right to a free state and independence; with the Sahrawi people, by the accomplishment of their self-determination right; with the people of Colombia, for peace; with the people of Brazil, for democracy and against the coup; with the people of Ukraine, for freedom before the Fascist oppression; with the Bolivarian Venezuela, for the ending of the economic and financial blockade; with socialist Cuba, for the end of the USA blockade; with the peoples of Africa, in the defence of their sovereignty and right to development; or even the peoples of the Middle East and Latin America, interference and aggression victims, under the USA.

Within the International arena, the Festival visitors ought to have the opportunity of meeting many communist parties and other revolutionary and progressive forces, represented with fraternal and solidarity feelings, to be acquainted with numerous situations in several countries, their struggles, realities, achievements and desires of their peoples.

Therefore, the Festival ought to be a live prove that workers and peoples persist in the defence of their rights, struggle for peace, freedom, sovereignty, democracy, national independence, the right to development, for justice and social progress, democratic, anti-monopolist and anti-imperialist changes, towards socialism.

Capitalism is merged in a deep crisis. Its exploiter, oppressor and predator nature is responsible for brutal injustice and tragedies, incapable of answering to peoples needs, interests and desires. Imperialism, and particularly the North-American, uses colossal economic, political and military means in order to promote blockades, destabilization, declared and non-declared wars, in order to safeguard their world domain – however, as reality proves, it is not omnipotent.

Confronting the violent and multifaceted imperialism advances, conscientious of the great dangers and demands the current international situation demands, the Festival ought to be a prove that there exist forces that resist, workers and peoples struggle world-wide, at the reach of peace forces and social progress – converging unto a wide anti-imperialist front -,by fighting the imperialism offensive and open up the path unto an international situation turn, by taking steps towards peace, sovereignty and social progress.

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