"The world... and Cuba"

Translated "Avante!"article by Ângelo Alves, Member of the PCP Political Committee

Multiple options, on reflecting on the present international chronicle choice. As an example, the Brazilian city councillor assassination came along, as one of the most recent numerous committed crimes, many of them of political assassination nature, that the Brazil coup d’état performers currently carry out. One recalls when the PCP was the only Portuguese party that denounced the unmistakable coup fascist nature, whilst others, even so-called of left-wing, were occupied on following the dominant speech of “ fighting corruption in Brazil”. Then, the evolution on the Syria situation, and where news, not released by the dominant media, prove that , on one hand, the advances towards peace and reconciliation, together with a new negotiations round in Astana, and on the other, the USA criminal action, by trying to install a North-American military base beside the Al-Omar oil camp, at the same time, that, before the Syrian field army advances, evacuate DAESH terrorist leaders, in four helicopters, in the Hasakeh province. Another possibility was to approach the State of Israel’s terrorism policy, that maintains 6500 Palestinian citizens as prisoners, 350 minors, or even the communists violent attacks and assassinations, in the Tripura state, India, perpetrated by the religious Hindu right-wing, together with other reactionary forces. Many other assumptions remain, from several electoral processes unto the 2nd War, in Iraq, 15 years upon the ignoble crime, supported by lies.

But, on observing the immense imperialist offensive crimes, another one emerged, moving backwards: the elections for the National Assembly and the Provincial Assemblies, in Cuba. The Cuban elections were a powerful vitality proof of its participative democracy and collective confidence on the socialist revolution. Seven millions and 400 thousand Cuban voted ( 85.65% of the registered in the census), giving a continuity to a wide democratic process of the candidates choice, since last October 2017, during which the candidates are chosen from society basis and named by their neighbours or pointed out by mass organizations, representing the several economic and social sectors, amid the Cuban society. The new National Assembly of Popular Power, 605 members were elected mainly, in their heavy majority, by over 80% of the valid votes (94,42% of voters). Among them, the new Counsel of State and the new president of Cuba ought to be chosen, having undergone the very same democratic process as a candidate and further election.

Cuba stands in an important renovation stage of the revolution leadership and the country, and once again, despite the various provocations, its people prove great serenity and political maturity. At a time, when the world is pushed forward unto imperialist chaos, Cuba resists and affirms itself as a factor of thrust within another democratic, peaceful and just world. And therefore, the Cuban elections are hindered, or distorted.

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