We denounce the attempts to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine

We denounce the attempts to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine

The undersigned Parties denounce once again in the strongest possible termsthe attempts to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine in view of the relevant trial due to take place tomorrow (08.02.17) in Kiev. This parody trial aims at annihilating the CP Ukraine through a process that is contrary to the principles of International Law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international principles and conventions.

The attempt at prohibiting the CP of Ukraine is the culmination of a continuous and violent persecution of the Party with the ultra-right and fascist forcesat the forefront. The European Union, the US and NATO,whichhave fueled and supported these forces, bear grave responsibilities. The attemptto impose the so-called decommunisationof the country, to falsifyand distort the country’s history and collective memory, which is seeking to serve the ideological and political considerations and interests of the current order in Ukraine, is evolving within this context. The efforts to turn former Nazi collaborators into heroes are all part of this campaign in the country.

The undersigned Communist and Workers Parties will work both at a local and international level to condemn such actions anddenounce them before the international community. At the same time they will stand in solidarity with the CP Ukraine until its final vindication.

The list of the signatories parties (signatures till 13 February):

Albania - Communist Party of Albania
Australia - Communist Party of Australia
Austria - Party of Labour
Bahrain - Progressive Tribune
Bangladesh - Communist Party of Bangladesh
Belgium - PTB-PVDA - Workers Party of Belgium
Brazil – PCdoB – Communist Party of Brazil
Britain - Communist Party of Britain
Britain - New Communist Party of Britain
Cyprus - AKEL – Progressive Party of the Working People
Cuba- CPC – Communist Party of Cuba
Czech Rep. – CPBM – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Denmark - KPiD- Communist Party in Denmark
Finland - Communist Party of Finland
France – PCF – French Communist Party
Germany – DKP - German Communist Party
Georgia – UCPG – Unified Communist Party of Georgia
Greece – KKE – Communist Party of Greece
Hungary - Hungarian Workers Party
India - Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Iraq - Iraqi Communist Party
Iraq – Kurdistan – CPIK – Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan
Iran – Tudeh Party
Ireland - Communist Party of Ireland
Ireland - Workers Party of Ireland
Israel - Communist Party of Israel
Lithuania - Communist Party of Lithuania
Lithuania - Socialist People's Front
Luxembourg - Communist Party of Luxembourg (KPL)
Malta - Communist Party of Malta
Mexico - Communist Party of Mexico
Netherlands – New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Palestine – PPP - Palestinian People’s Party
Pakistan – CPP – Communist Party of Pakistan
Philippines - Philippine Communist Party
Poland - Communist Party of Poland
Portugal – PCP – Portuguese Communist Party
Romania - Romanian Socialist Party
Russia - CPRF – Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Russia - Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Russia - Russian Communist Workers Party
Serbia - KS - Communists of Serbia
Sweden - Communist Party of Sweden
Switzerland - Communist Party (Switzerland)
Turkey – TKP – Communist Party of Turkey
USA – Communist Party of USA
Venezuela - Communist Party of Venezuela