"War against the Arab Peoples"

Translated "Avante!" article by Rui Paz, collaborator of the International Department

In the precise moment of completing 12 years on the Yugoslavia Federal Republic’s aggression and 8 years on the Iraq’s invasion, once again, a North-American president and his European imperialist powers’ co-partners, unleash a aggression war against a sovereign State, this time Libya.

On March 24th 1999, NATO - following the UCK paramilitary group’s promotion unto a “liberation” movement, till then considered by the North-American intelligence and diplomacy as “terrorist” - began bombing Serbia and Kosovo , with the unique purpose of dismantling a State that refused to surrender its sovereignty before the USA and the European Union. During 78 days, the Western military air force destroyed the Serbian economic infrastructure. Factories, highways, bridges, trains, hospitals, embassies, television buildings and religious festivities , were the target of the bellicose fury of an alliance, formed by social-democracy, Christian-democracy and the USA’s democrat and republican parties.

Currently, within the Middle East and the Mediterranean, a region swarmed by foreign and mostly North-American weapons and military bases, another war has just been unleashed against the Arab peoples. In order to mislead the public opinion, the Western powers which, in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Pakistan assassinate and massacre the civilian population, now in Libya, claim to want help those same populations. But their real purpose is to anticipate, and withdraw the popular movements’ initiative, halt and reverse the liberation and revolutionary processes and reorganize groups and forces that are willing to carry on the handing over these countries’ natural resources and sovereignty to foreigners.

The aggression against Libya is hypocrite, as part of the imperialism strategy of subverting the democratic, social and national independence aspirations of the Arab peoples liberation movement, and simultaneously, to confuse and conceal the anti-democratic, exploiter and oppressor character of the dictator and stateless regimes which during decades and decades have been and carry on being fostered, armed and protected by the West, in order to serve their interests. But this aggression is equally dangerous, as not only Libya is being bombed by a band of powers, self-denominated “international community”, but the United Nations, the UN Charter and all the international law structure itself, are in risk of being devoured by the flames.

It is shameful Portugal is part of this incendiary group, who voted favourably, within the UN Security Council , unto the aggression against Libya.

It is essential, that the free nations and peoples community, which aspire to freedom, dismask and lay hold in time, a process which does not only discredits and undermines the UN and its principles, but will end up by definitely establish, within the international relations, the law of the jungle. It is needed to clarify that when Obama, Sarkosy and Cameron talk about “democracy” are not refering to the peoples freedom to decide their destiny, but otherwise, freedom for the international monopolies to exploit, plunder and oppress entire nations. No one better than Alvaro Cunhal, unveiled this great capital rhetoric falsity: “ The capitalism world domain as an unique and final system would result, as an outcome and component, according to the theoretical, the “end of the ideologies” and the “unique thought”. This is one of the capitalism global offensive utopia. The human mind continues. And the oppressed workers’ and peoples ’thought and ideology will, inevitably, always be opposed to the exploiter and oppressor powers and classes“.

The Arab and Middle East peoples, and first and foremost the people of Palestine, along with all the oppressed peoples throughout the world, will end up by being free from the imperialist nightmare and showing the hypocrisy of the so-called “humanitarian wars”, bombs and massacres, in the name of the “Human Rights” defence.

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