Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

The UN resolutions’ violation on Jerusalem, undergone by the USA /Trump, handed over the green-light to the Israeli barbarous massacre of many dozens of Palestinian demonstrators.

It became clear that, with the tearing apart of the nuclear agreement on Iran, the USA leader class does not keep its honour. Not surprising at all. For 70 years the USA has covered crimes and endless violations of international law undergone by the Israel Zionist state. All USA/NATO wars violated international legality, for the last quarter of century. The 1244 UN Resolution, that ended the Yugoslavia bombardments committed by NATO (during Clinton) reaffirmed the “ sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federative Republic of Yugoslavia” , immediately after disintegrated. Iraq and Libya signed down disarmament agreements but were attacked by the USA /NATO and their leaders assassinated (during Bush and Obama) . For the North-American imperialism, agreements and third parties disarmament are mere steps to help future aggressions.

The USA putrid leader class is but ruled by violence and arrogance amid its international relations. Bustani, the Brazilian former leader of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) reported to The Intercept (2018.03.29), that months before the Iraq invasion, John Bolton (the current Trump’s National Security Adviser, and at the time a Bush’s administration under –secretary) came to the OPCW headquarters and declared: “ You have 24 hours to abandon the organization or otherwise we have other ways to retaliate against you”. He added: “ We are acquainted of where your children live. You have two in New York”. Maybe this explains the sudden stepping down, three days upon the breaking up of the Iran agreement, of Varjoranta, a Fin, and head of the Atomic Energy International Agency (RT, 2018.05.12). The AEIA has certified that Iran follows the agreement (in Washington Post, 2017.11.13). And John Kiriakou recalls his 15 years as a CIA agent, during the run unto Iraq’s invasion: “ It was all a lie .A decision was taken and then “facts” were created in order to support the decision. I believe the same is taking place currently”. (in globalresearch.ca, 2018.05.11). Kiriakou denounced the CIA prisons ‘ tortures. He spent two years in prison (during Obama), whilst Gina Haspel, head of one of those torture secret centres, was named by Trump as the CIA leader. These are the “democratic values” of our “Atlantic allies”. That over-rule NATO, the EU being officially the “European pillar”.

The nuclear agreement rejection removed the rug under the USA loyal European subjects. Trump’s announcement was followed by sanction threats targeted on enterprises that keep up trade relations with Iran. The French finance minister, outraged, asked: “ do we want to be USA’s vassals […] or defend our economic interests?” (in CBS, 2018.05.11). A legitimate question, that comes decades late. But the EU collaborated in the International Law structure destruction, for the past 25 years – from Yugoslavia unto the Middle East, the anti-Russian campaigns, impunity before Israel’s crimes. It nurtured the monster and currently complains of its ingratitude. And what about Portugal? Will it insist on its USA, NATO and EU allegiance?

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