«USA, the Day will come...»

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

USA imperialism is set on imposing absolute and unchallenged domination over the whole world. Currently Trump, with his hawks and fascist followers, is bent on cracking down on, and obliterating, any type of resistance – to the point of threatening the whole world with nuclear weapons. It is a disturbing fact that the main capitalist countries, as well as the European Union and the PS [Portugal’s Socialist Party] minority government, consider that the USA is “indispensable” for their own security, and for international security.

Meanwhile, that (still) powerful nation’s international importance is in decline. In fact, that is the reason for its fierce counter-offensive involving economic, technological, military and ideological war against China, its most dangerous expression. This war is having a major impact on the world’s economy and on international relations. Contrary to what is peddled by the major media in Europe – that while formally keeping a distance from the current administration, is kneeling down before USA imperialism – the USA’s economic and social situation is far from Trump’s idyllic portrayal when announcing his run for the 2020 presidential election, claiming economic growth and unemployment at a record low.

Actually, the USA are struggling with a colossal foreign debt. Only the dollar dictatorship makes it possible to resist. The financial system is threatened by families’ indebtedness and by huge financial bubbles – building, students and others – that, as in 2008, may together with the “subprime” crisis, burst at any moment. Social situation data are revealing. According to the 31st USA Communist Party National Convention, recently held in Chicago, the unemployment rate, including the millions that have given up looking for jobs and the under-employed, stands at 37%, and it is twice as high among African-Americans; salaries and incomes have been stagnated or in decline for a long time now; social polarization is expanding massively with 1% of families snapping up 40% of the nation’s wealth; 41 million people are poor and 18 million very poor; life expectancy is diminishing and child mortality is twice that of Cuba; 0,5 million are homeless, on the streets. Universal health and social security services are non-existent, and there are 2.3 million people (in private prisons), and 70,000 people die every year from drug consumption.

These are some aspects of the USA’s true situation that are being attempting to hide from us. The money spent on the world’s most powerful army and its 800 military bases on foreign territory would be better spent on healing the USA’s very serious social injustices and inequalities. In real life that is not how the system operates, so nobody should expect miracles at the next election. But one thing is certain: following its honored struggle traditions, the USA’s workers and people will bring to life the prophecy inscribed on the beautiful Haymarket Martyrs’ Monument (May 1st 1886, Chicago): “THE DAY WILL COME WHEN OUR SILENCE WILL BE MORE POWERFUL THAN THE VOICES YOU ARE THROTTLING TODAY”.

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