US elections highlight serious problems and contradictions

US elections highlight serious problems and contradictions

In «Avante!» published on November 5

The elections of the president of the United States of America, and for the House of Representatives and Senate, were held the day before yesterday, 3. At the time of the closing of our edition there were no final results.

The US elections took place in a context marked by the deterioration of the economic and social situation and deepening major divisions within the ruling class with how to deal with popular discontent and counter the relative decline of the US in the international arena.

Exposing the deeply undemocratic nature of the American political and electoral system – where numerous mechanisms and maneuvers constrain and call into question the expression of the popular will –, the elections took place in a situation that highlighted the gravity of problems, contradictions, inequalities and conflicts in American society.

The elections took place after four years of the Trump administration, which deepened the policy of favouring big capital and promoted an even more reactionary drift, animating the far-right, racist and fascist forces, and exposing the falsity of his demagogic "anti-system" speech. The Trump administration has also accentuated the arms race and US imperialism's policy of confrontation, interference and aggression.

In the as yet undefined framework of the election's outcome and without undervaluing explicit differences in domestic policy measures and the need to defeat the dangerous fascistic drift, we note that, given his recent declarations, Joe Biden intends to pursue a foreign policy that reaffirms as its the goal preserving the hegemonic rule of US imperialism at the global level, with what this represents as a threat to the sovereignty and the rights of peoples, international security and peace.

PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the communists, the progressive forces and sectors in the US that fight for democracy, justice and social progress, for peace, confronting a system of power contrary to the interests of the workers and the people of the United States.

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