"Under the rule of the great powers"

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

On the approaching of the European Counsel, on 28 / 29th June next – during which new decisions are, once again, to be announced -, it is of major importance the signals Germany releases concerning its intensions, namely by Merkel’s voice.

Before the French great capital attempt, performed by Macron, in order to (re) take the lead to “ recuperate” its position in the so-called “ French-German axis” and diminish the distance that separates France from Germany, ever since the Economic and Monetary Union, upon the Euro, the German answer ought to be synthesized that it is not worth to change the rules of a game in which the German great capital holds the full advantage.

Having as a backstage the deepening of the capitalism structural crisis, and in which the European Union is a key part, twenty years with the Euro, with all its constant panoply of coercion instruments over states’ sovereignty and independence – from the “Stability Pact” unto the “ Budget Treaty”, - with deep and diverse consequences within the European Union different countries, promoting contradiction and disintegration factors, unleashing centrifugal forces, that inclusively, have an expression at the powers directorate level, currently composed by Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. As an example, Italy is under a deep economic and social crisis; the United Kingdom was compelled to withdraw from the European Union; France watched Germany isolating itself – proving the consequences of a EMU dictated by Germany and ruled by the transnational great capital interests. Concerning the EMU, Merkel has raised part of the curtain. By using an encoded and plenty of euphemisms speech, she admits the change of the so-called “Stability European Mechanism” into an “European Monetary Fund” similar to the IMF – including its conditional and brutal “ adjustment programmes” -, although not clarified, up to the present moment, the eventual consequences beyond the change of its designation. Conditioned financing ought to be accepted concerning its application on the so-called “reforms” in Euro countries, dictated by the transnational great capital interests, naturally including the German. At the very same time she declares to reject the risk partnership concerning the public debt.

Meanwhile, the neoliberal, militarist and federalist deepening, already determined at EU level and expressed in the Multiannual Financing Framework, for 2021-2027, in process, highlighting militarism promotion, run to armament, interventionism, interference and aggression, as well as, the EU level control of the so-called “external boarders” – insisting in the creation of an European boarder police force -, emigration and asylum policy , overruling the states sovereign competences. Policies and measures built to preserve the European Union as an instrument to ensure the political and economic great powers’ domain and the imposing the prevailing of the great economic and financial groups’ interests.

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