«There is still time!»

Translated "Avante!"article by Ângelo Alves, Member of the PCP Political Committee

The Brazilians are voting Sunday next. The electoral campaign recta final is marked by Bolsonaro’s greater radicalization speech, betting on his supporters constant instigation unto hate and violence along with open threats against democracy supporters, at the very same time debates are refused on ideas or programmes with Haddad or even receives the IURD “blessing” and of other sects.

Bolsonaro, in a video – conference, delivered a speech for an event in São Paulo, proved until where he intends to go. He threatened the “red marginal” with expulsion from the country and imprisonment, that “ they ought to be banned from our home-land”; he addressed both ex-president Lula da Silva and Haddad, stating “ they ought to rot in jail”; threatened to out-low non-governmental organizations, carrying out “a never before cleansing in the history of Brazil”; consider the Non-Land Movement as a “terrorist activity” organization, and that “ or they submit or instead pay company to the Curitiba sizzler”, and had time to threaten the media financial closing down or its bottleneck, as the Folha de São Paulo, that disclosed the “Caixa2”, in other words, Bolsonaro’s illegal campaign financing by great companies, in order to pay the publishing of messages in social networks.

In the future, the idea of “ active armed forces” within Brazil, insistently stated and repeated by Bolsonaro, and other military far-right wing sector statements, as general Ajax Pinheiro’s, that recently re-edited the 1964 military coup speech, are, side by side with one of Bolsonaro’s sons’ statements, threatening the judicial system with a military intervention, highly elucidative on this fascist candidature real projects.

But the consequences of the coming to power of Bolsonaro’s forces, are not but a militarized dictatorial drift, of a cultural and civilization setback or an ultraliberal, privatization and deeply anti-social drift. Although his programme is very scarce concerning external policy, it is possible to identify a very dangerous project for Brazil, Latin America and the world. His two central priorities are the USA and Israel.

By confirming his intimate liaison with Zionism and the Israeli lobby, Bolsonaro names the Palestine Authority as “terrorist”, having stated the intention of closing down the Palestine Embassy in Brasilia, as “ Palestine is not a country”. Concerning Latin America, he has the objective to reverse the long path Brazil has covered on peace building and Latin-American cooperation and he proceeds with several threats, namely the military aggression unto Venezuela, aligned with the Trump administration, that increases that possibility as the time of the Brazil elections approaches.

All is out in the open, on the 28th. But one thing is for sure : the path, in process, since the coup against Dilma Roussef, has delivered a monster that, not mentioning the outcome, is not to give up on tying down Brazil to imperialism most reactionary and bellicose circles and therefore push Latin America unto an uncertain future and great dangers. But there is still time to defeat the fascist beast!

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