Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

The brutal aggression against the Syria Arab Republic and its people, begun about seven years ago.

Following a guide used before, for imperialism aggressive wars against other states – recalling the Yugoslavia or the Libya destruction, undergone by NATO -, the operation against Syria, by creating terrorist groups and the support to their brutal action, was central element. Terrorist groups, that by integrating thousands of mercenaries and changing conveniently their designation, over the years, are spirited by the USA and its allies – as France, United Kingdom, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or even Jordan -, by perpetrating the most hideous crimes and Human Rights brutal violations.

Only with a heroic and perseverant struggle, Syria and its people were able to resist the barbaric, launched by imperialism – a legitimate resistance and struggle that counted with the important support of several countries, highlighting the Russian Federation.

The Syrian state destruction having failed and the terrorist bands venture defeated, their mentors assume themselves, by intervening directly militarily, seeking to safe-guard their creatures and occupying illegally the Syrian territory, proceeding the aggression war, currently with the objective of imposing the division of that Middle East country.

Within this framework, the recent threats of upsurge of the aggression against Syria, coming from the USA, assume a particular severity – seconded by France and the United Kingdom -, with the purpose of giving encouragement and support to the terrorist groups ( converted in “opposition” or “rebels”) in Ghouta and other regions, within Syria.

Threats, supported on a wide misinformation operation, under the patronage of United Nations high officers. A misinformation operation that does not only hinder the continuous efforts carried out by Syria and the Russian Federation, in order to build a constructive wide dialogue with the purpose of a political solution; to safeguard, defend and liberate the populations that are for yet under the terrorist groups control, in order to accomplish international law, ensuring the respect for sovereignty, territorial unity and integrity, in Syria, and the right of its people to decide, free from external interferences, its own future. As it equally hinders the USA and its allies permanent boycott, on what concerns the efforts for dialogue and peace; its support to terrorist groups, including the attempt of a cease-fire, always when necessary for their own protection; its outrage before the United Nations Charter and international law; its aggression unto rights and sovereignty of the people of Syria.

Imperialism, not in acceptance of a defeat, seems to be willing to ( repeat) and commit the most abominable provocations, as the staging, or even, the actual use of chemical weapons, by terrorist groups, in order to accuse the Syrian authorities and , therefore, forge a pretext to “legitimate” the aggression.

For the heralds of war, all is valid, even the pointing out of the terrible consequences of its aggression war against Syria and its people, with the purpose of propagandize more and more war and its immense death ballast, suffering and destruction.

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