Stop the escalation of the anticommunist and antidemocratic attacks in Europe

The decision made by the government of Estonia to remove the monument honoring the memory 270.000 Red Army soldiers dead in the antifascist fight followed by brutal police attacks in Tallin-, the acts of vandalism of the grave of Janos Kadar in Budapest on 2 May, the implementation of the new "lustration law" in Poland targeting 700.000 people, the anticommunist Romanian National Security Law, the anticommunist statement of the Romanian president Traian Basescu and the partial rehabilitation of the former fascist Romanian prime minister I.Antonescu are only some of the new anticommunist and antidemocratic attacks occurred in the last time in Europe.

Our parties vehemently protest against these measures which are directed not only against the communists, the heroic antifascist fighters, against the fighters of the international brigades in the Spanish civil war and the antifascist victory in the WW II but also against elementary democratic rights and liberties.

We consider accountable the European Union, having in mind several statements and decisions preparing the ground for these developments and for denying any measure to stop this situation.

On the occasion of the big campaign against the Anticommunist Motion in the Council of Europe in January 2006 our parties and other progressive forces from all countries warned on the real aims and goals of the attacks against communists and their ideology.

The aim of these measures is the attempt made by the ruling forces in the European countries, in the EU, NATO and the other imperialist centers to intimidate and to counter the growing resistances against the anti social anti laboral policies followed by the governments and their supporters.

In face of the growing influence of the ideas of the October Socialist Revolution and of the achievements, despite the mistakes and errors of the socialism in the 20th century, in sharp contrast with the every day's reality for millions, the attempts to rewrite history and to escalate state sponsored anticommunism will increase.

In spite of all this we are confident that nobody, no mater if political force, government, NATO or EU will be able to stop the impact of the communist ideas in the working class and youth, simply because they proved more than ever to be true and the way for the realization of the popular aspirations and demands.

That's way we will multiply our efforts for joint action, in support of the popular struggles, first of all of the working class, of a large movement in support of democratic rights and liberties.

It's time, for all progressive minded people in Europe to remind on the catastrophic impact of the same these policies in the history of our continent.

It's time to vigorously react and condemn by any mean any antidemocratic attack, any anticommunist measure.

We demand

* Abolition of all anticommunist laws , decisions and governmental actions condemning the communist ideology, the communist symbols as well as the persecutions against the communists, the antifascists and the fighters for socialism.

* Severe punishment of the responsible for the vandalisms to graves and monuments honoring the memory of the antifascist fighters.

* To set an end to the massive campaign of terrorizing millions of people for their political opinions.

* Abolition of the laws and other decisions banning the activity of the communist parties

* To stop the campaigns aiming to defame and distort the real history of the anti nazi and antifascist fight in the education and mass media.

* To stop the anticommunist campaigns of changing names of public places honoring the heroic struggle against fascism.

The parties:

Communist Party of Belarus

Workers' Party, Belgium

Communist Party of Bulgaria

Party of Bulgarian Communists

AKEL, Cyprus

Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

Communist Party of Denmark

Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Estonia

Communist Party of Finland

New Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Greece

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

Communist Party of Ireland

Party of the Italian Communists

Socialist Party of Latvia

Socialist Party of Lithuania

Communist Party of Luxemburg, KPL

New Communist Party of Netherlands

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Party of Poland

Portuguese Communist Party

Socialist Alliance Party, Romania

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Communist Workers Party of Russia-Party of Communists of Russia

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, Serbia

Communist Party of Slovakia

Communist Party of Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Sweden

Communist Party, Turkey

Communist Party of Ukraine

Union of Communists of Ukraine

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