Joint Statement of the European communist and workers parties

Stop the Deployment of New US Bases

We, the undersigned European communist and workers parties, express our strong protest on the deployment of the US "antimissile" bases in Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as so called "ordinary military bases" in Romania and Bulgaria.

These plans, emphatically rejected by the peoples of these countries but also by a growing movement in all European countries are in break with the international agreements on troupes and nuclear arms reduction and with the broad demand for disarmament, collective security and peace.

We reject the official reasons given for this "National missile defense system" as pretexts and its projection as a "defensive" one, as pure propaganda.

The real goal of the NMD project is to further strengthen the military position and supremacy of USA by creating new facilities for attack on other countries without treat of retaliation.

Already the USA is the biggest world producer and owner of weapons of mass destruction. Its aggressive policy, with the support of NATO, causes wars, imperialist interventions and instability. With the doctrine of the "preventive wars" and labeling nations opposing its policy as "rogue states" and "axis of evil" the American war machine is the biggest threat to world peace.

The eventual realization of the "antimissile shield" will lead to new efforts of the US Administration to strengthen the position of the "sole global superpower" implementing the imperialist ambitions as persecutor, judge and executor in the international relations.

Some initiatives by other European governments, by NATO and EU in support of these plans are relevant for the dangers in face of all the European peoples, resulting from the same aggressive policy, no matter if it's rooted in the US or EU global ambitions.

From now it's more than obvious that the new US bases will accelerate arms race and militarization, foster the antagonism between the imperialist powers and lead to more massive attacks on democratic and social rights.

This is the reason for the legitimated broad opposition to this policy.

We salute and express our solidarity with the large and effective actions developed by the communists, progressive forces, organizations and anti war movements in Poland, in the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries against the deployment of the US missiles and imperialism.

This courageous protest is an important contribution to the growing resistance in Europe and in the world against war, foreign military bases and NATO.

Expressing our strong determination to enhance our struggle, cooperation and solidarity we demand:

Immediate stop of the plans regarding the deployment of the new US missile and radar bases in Poland and Czech Republic, as well as the military bases in Romania and Bulgaria.

Immediate stop of any move by national governments, European Union and NATO facilitating the implementation of the US plans.

Ratification of the treaty on troops reduction in Europe and the total ban of all nuclear weapons.

Broad support to all actions against the legitimization and the deployment of the US missiles and bases.

The parties:

1. Communist Initiative of Austria

2. Communist Party of Belarus

3. Workers Party of Belgium

4. Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Communist Party of Britain

6. New Communist Party of Britain

7. Party of Bulgarian Communists

8. AKEL, Cyprus

9. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

10. Communist Party of Denmark

11. Communist Party in Denmark

12. Danish Communist Party

13. Communist Party of Finland

14. Unified Communist Party of Georgia

15. German Communist Party

16. Communist Party of Greece

17. Hungarian Communist Workers Party

18. Communist Party of Ireland

19. Party of the Italian Communists

20. Socialist Party of Latvia

21. Socialist Party of Lithuania

22. Communist Party of Luxembourg

23. Communist Party of Macedonia

24. New Communist Party of the Netherlands

25. Communist Party of Norway

26. Communist Party of Poland

27. Portuguese Communist Party

28. Socialist Alliance Party (Romania)

29. Communist Party of the Russian Federation

30. Communist Workers’ Party of Russia

31. Communist Party of Slovakia

32. Communist Party of Peoples of Spain

33. Communist Party of Sweden

33. Communist Party of Sweden

34.Swiss Communist Party – les communistes

35. Communist Party of Turkey

36. Labour Party of Turkey

37. Communist Party of Ukraine

38. Union of Communists of Ukraine

39. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

40. Communist Party of Spain

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