Release from the PCP Press Office

Solidarity with Lula da Silva and the Brazilian people

The decision by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) to exclude Lula da Silva as a candidate for presidential elections in Brazil is part of a political process that, under the guise of a "justice" recognizably involved in the institutional coup d'état - begun in 2016, with the dismissal of the legitimate President Dilma Rousseff - seeks to arbitrarily prevent him from being a candidate in the elections that take place on October 7.

Emphasizing the determination of Lula da Silva's candidacy to continue defending its rights, the PCP reaffirms its position of deep indignation and strongest condemnation, demanding the end of the persecution of Lula da Silva and solidarity for the struggle of the Brazilian workers and people in defence of sovereignty, rights, democracy in Brazil and against a putschist power.