Solidarity with the Communists and the Working Class in Turkey

We, the undersigned communist and workers parties, vehemently condemn the police attacks against the tens of thousands workers demonstrating on the 30th anniversary of the May Day 1977 in Taksim Square in Istanbul.

We express our full solidarity with the communists, the trade unionists, the patriotic and progressive forces and demand the immediate release from custody of all arrested and the punishment of the responsible for the police riots. We support the demand by trade unions and political organizations that ask the resignation of the governor of Istanbul.

Once again the terror deployed in Istanbul demonstrated the hypocrisy governing the European Union, apart of course of the relevance of the NATO "human rights values" governing the allies.

We declare our full support with this "other Turkey", the Turkey of the struggle for social and democratic rights for the working people, far away from the division between " secular" and "Islamic" forces both serving the interests of big capital , US and EU.

The aim of the reactionary forces is to destroy the memory of the heroically struggle of the working class of Turkey and the sacrifices of the 36 workers killed on May Day 1977 on Taksim Square.

The brutal attacks against the workers and trade unionists in Turkey are attacks against the working class in all countries.

We appeal to the working people and youth, to the trade union movement, all progressive minded people in our countries to strengthen the protest movement against the brutal attack by the Turkish government and to reinforce the internationalist solidarity with the workers and youth in Turkey.

The Parties

Communist Party of Belarus

Workers' Party, Belgium

Communist Party of Bulgaria

Party of Bulgarian Communists

New Communist Party of Britain

Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

AKEL, Cyprus

AKEL, Cyprus

Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Denmark

Communist Party of Estonia

Communist Party of Finland

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

Communist Party of Greece

Communist Party of Ireland

Party of the Italian Communists

Socialist Party of Latvia

Socialist Party of Lithuania

Communist Party of Luxemburg, KPL

New Communist Party of Netherlands

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Party of Poland

Portuguese Communist Party

Socialist Alliance Party, Romania

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Communist Workers Party of Russia-Party of Communists of Russia

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, Serbia

Communist Party of Slovakia

Communist Party of Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Sweden

Communist Party, Turkey

Communist Party of Ukraine

Union of Communists of Ukraine

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