Release from the PCP Press Office

Solidarity with the Colombian people

The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) salutes the Colombian workers and people, the communist and the other revolutionary and progressive forces of Colombia, for the historic National Strike and popular mobilization, since 21 November, against the neoliberal measures package of the Government of President Iván Duque - under IMF and OECD impositions – and for the effective enforcement of the Colombian Peace Agreement signed with the FARC-EP.

The PCP denounces and condemns the crimes that continue to be perpetrated by the Colombian oligarchic regime against the lives of political, trade union and social leaders and activists, representatives of indigenous peoples, former guerrillas and human rights defenders, with the connivance of the Government of Ivan Duke.

Reaffirming the solidarity of the Portuguese communists with the struggle of the Colombian people and their revolutionary and progressive organizations, PCP underlines the determination of the Colombian political, social and popular forces that, despite the intimidation measures and the strong repression by Iván Duque’s Government, have been mobilizing demanding for peace, democratic rights and better living conditions.