Release from the PCP Press Office

Solidarity with the Colombian people

The PCP draws attention on the serious breach of the peace agreement in Colombia and on the intensification of repression and human rights violations, whose most dramatic expression is the killing spree of leaders and social and political activists, including former FARC-EP combatants, currently demobilized, and their families.

The failure to fully implement the Final Peace Agreement by Colombian State institutions - in particular, and among other relevant aspects, with regard to the dismantling of extreme right paramilitary groups and the elimination of their impunity status - constitutes a determining factor in the worsening humanitarian and social crisis in Colombia and the violation of guarantees and democratic rights, in the year in which legislative and presidential elections take place in Colombia. This reality requires full respect for the Agreement signed in 2016 in Havana and its fulfillment to put an ending to the campaign of violence and repression.

The PCP joins in the denouncement of the silence surrounding the serious situation in Colombia, whether by the US, the EU and the Latin American oligarchies, or by international agencies and media, and reaffirms its solidarity with the workers and people of Colombia, with the Colombian democratic and revolutionary forces, and their demand for a total and definitive peace, with social justice, for Colombia.