Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela

Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela

Condemning the renewal of the Executive Order, decreed on March 8, 2015, by the US Administration, headed by Obama, which unacceptably named Venezuela as "an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States", the PCP reaffirms solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela.

Contrary to what is unfoundedly proclaimed by the US, it is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that for more than two decades has been the target of the criminal action of interference and aggression by the US, examples of which are the orchestration of coups d'état, the creation of puppet “institutions”, provocations using armed gangs, the continuous campaign of disinformation or the imposition of a cruel economic blockade and looting of Venezuela's assets, aiming to affect the rights and living conditions of the Venezuelan people.

The policy of interference and aggression against Venezuela, currently pursued by the Biden Administration, represents a clear affront to the sovereignty and rights of the Venezuelan people.

Respecting the principles of international relations by which Portugal should be governed and the interests of the Portuguese people, namely the large Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant community that lives in that country, the PCP considers that this decision by the US requires a clear stand of rejection by the Portuguese Government.

On this occasion, the PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the struggle of the Venezuelan people in defence of the right to decide on their path of development and social progress, free from external interference.



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