Release from the PCP Press Office

On the presidential elections in Chile

The impressive victory of Gabriel Boric, the candidate supported by the Apruebo Dignidad coalition, in the second round of Chile's presidential elections, a victory that is also a resounding defeat for an advocate of Pinochetism, has great significance not only for the Chilean people but for peoples throughout Latin America who are resisting imperialism and fighting for sovereignty, democracy and social progress.

Inseparable from the great popular struggles of recent years and the historic victory of democratic and progressive forces in the elections for the Constituent Assembly, Gabriel Boric's victory is another expression of the Chilean people's determination to permanently bury the legacy of the gruesome fascist dictatorship of Pinochet and of finally providing Chile with a democratic Constitution, in keeping with the aspirations of the workers, youth and Chilean people and their heroic traditions of struggle.

In stressing the important significance of the result of the Chilean presidential elections, the Portuguese Communist Party salutes the social and political forces that supported the winning candidacy and particularly the Chilean Communist Party and its persistent and courageous struggle in defence of the interests of the working class and the Chilean people, for freedom, social progress and socialism.