“The Portuguese Revolution and the Situation in Europe and the World 40 years later” - International Seminar

“The Portuguese Revolution and the Situation in Europe and the World 40 years later” - International Seminar

Information about the International Seminar and the list of parties and organizations present

The Portuguese Communist Party held last September 5, in the Municipality of Almada, the International Seminar “The Portuguese Revolution and the Situation in Europe and the World 40 years later”, with the participation of 42 communist parties and progressive forces from 34 countries.

In the beginning, the Seminar was greeted by the General Secretary of the PCP, Jerónimo de Sousa, who thanked the presence of the participants as being an expression of solidarity with the PCP and our country, a solidarity which was in many instances expressed with the antifascist struggle of the Portuguese people and with the Revolution of April and which continues today in the common struggle of the workers and peoples for their rights and national sovereignty.

In this Seminar, the PCP had the opportunity to make known their thoughts on the Portuguese Revolution and on the profound transformations of the situation in Portugal and around the world that have occurred over the last 40 years, as well as the different parties and forces participants had the opportunity to give to know their thoughts and experiences in the context of the diversity of situations, trajectory and conditions involved.
A Seminar that highlighted the meaning of the Portuguese Revolution and the depth of its achievements and values and enabled deepening the analysis of the great changes in the international situation in the last 40 years.

At a time when capitalism’s contradictions and he’s structural crisis sharpen, when imperialism intensifies the escalade of aggression against the peoples, the Seminar stressed the need to strengthen the struggle for peace, for defence of national sovereignty and independence. The Seminar also stressed the need to strengthen the solidarity and cooperation among the communist and workers’ parties and other progressive forces, while respecting each one’s identity and sovereignty.

Participated in the initiative:

Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola – MPLA,
Workers Party of Belgium, Communist Party of Brazil,
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic),
Communist Party of Chile,
Progressive Party of Working People - AKEL (Cyprus),
Communist Party of Colombia,
Patriotic March (Colombia),
Workers Party of the DPR of Korea,
Communist Party of Cuba,
Communist Party of Denmark,
Communist Party of Spain,
Galician Nationalist Bloc,
Party of the Communists of Catalonya,
Communist Party of the USA,
French Communist Party,
Communist Party of Greece,
Peoples Progressive Party of Guyana,
African Party for the Liberation of Guinea and Cape Verde - PAIGC (Guinea-Bissau),
New Communist Party of the Netherlands,
Communist Party of India,
Tudeh Party of Iran,
Workers Party of Ireland,
Party of the Italian Communists,
Japanese Communist Party,
Peoples Revolutionary Party of Laos,
Party of Progress and Socialism (Morroco),
Democratic Socialist Vanguard Party -PADS (Morroco),
Mozambique Liberation Front – FRELIMO,
Sandinist Front (Nicaragua),
Palestinian Peoples Party,
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine,
Fatah Movement (Palestine),
Portuguese Communist Party,
Communist Party of Britain,
Communist Party of the Russian Federation,
Polisário Front (Western Saara),
Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor - FRETILIN (East Timor),
Communist Party of Turkey,
Communist Party of Vietnam.

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