Resolution PCP Central Committee

Political Resolution of the Central Committee - 12th January 2007

The PCP Central Committee assembled during the 12th and 13th January 2007, proceeded to the analysis of the national political situation, at a moment which is particularly marked by the brutal worsening of the cost of living and by the offensive against the workers rights, and examined the development of the workers and the portuguese peoples struggle, highlighting the importance and meaning of the great struggle actions, which occurred during the last trimester. The Central Committee also evaluated the development of the international situation, marked by the resistance and the struggle of the peoples and the increasing aggressions of the imperialism. The Central Committee proceeded to a balance of the Partys initiative, evaluated the exact situation of the reinforcement action of the Partys organization and the main work guidelines for the present year, highlighting the approval of resolutions on the reinforcement of the Party and in the defense of the YES victory in the referendum on the non-penalty of the VIP (Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy).


Excerpt of the Political Resolution of the Central Committee

4. Against imperialism and war solidarity with the peoples in struggle

Within an internacional framework, marked by instability and insecurity and increase of the aggressiveness of imperialism, the Central Committee apraises the new and important expressions of the workers and the peoples struggle and the political and military defeats inflicted upon the hegemonic domination projects of the great capitalist powers, underlining the USA and the Bush Administration. Simultaneously, the Central Committee warns towards the dangers of the worsening of the international situation, in result of the decisions of the USA and NATO to proceed with new military adventures in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

The Central Committee considers that the seriousness of the situation demands the strengthening in Portugal of the movements for peace and solidarity with the resistence and struggle of the peoples and its action to enlighten and mobilize the portuguese People. The Central Committee underlines the need to intensify the struggle against the submission policy of the PS (Socialist Party) Government and demands its clear delimit of the imperialism criminal policy and condenation of the new offensives in progress; demands the total explanation and holding of responsibility on the use of aeroplanes within national territory, envolving criminal and illegal CIA activities which clash with international law, legality and the sovereighty of the Country; demands the Socialist Government to end its opacity, which persists, and which indicates its connivance with these operations, as what happened with the previous PSD/CDS-PP government.

Greeting the courageous processes of resistance against occupation, the imperialist aggressions and ingerence in Middle East, the Central Committee warns, simultaneously, towards the new and serious dangers with which the peoples of that region are being confronted.

The threats and provocations managed by the USA and Israel against Iran and Syria (of which the assault to the Iranian Consulate in the North of Iraq is the most recent example); the Saddam Hussein’s “jugement” and assssination – an act which endorses a bigger unstabilization of the country; the outrageous manoeuvres of ingerence of the USA and EU countries in Lebanon under the pretext of a “help for reconstrution”, trying to guarantee the political survival of a government submited to imperialism interests; the latest acts and decisions of the north-american administration – namely the reinforcement of the occupation troops in Iraq – are parts of a strategy which signifies a new escalation of war in the region, with unpredictable consequences.

At the present complex moment of the palestinian people’s struggle, the Central Committee reiterates its position that a just and lasting peace for the Middle East undergoes obligatorly, by the aplication of the United Nations resolutions, which imply the withdrawel of Israel from all arab territories, occupied since 1967, and by the building of a palestinian state independent, sovereign and viable within the territory of Palestine with the capital in Jerusalem.

The Central Committee greets the new developments in the struggle of the workers and the peoples of Latin America which in their most various expressions represent important processes of the construction of alternatives of anti-imperialist nature and of the strengthening of sovereignty. The Central Committee greets the cuban people and the Communist Party of Cuba, for the celebration of the 48th anniversary of the triumph of the cuban revolution and highlights the political importance of the reelection of President Hugo Chavez and of the purposes announced in this new mandate, the deepening of the revolutionary character of the Bolivarian process.

The Central Committee expresses its solidarity with the peoples of the african continent who struggle to overcome the flagellums of underdevelopment, neo-colonialism and for national independence – as the example of the people of Occidental Sahara – alerting, once again for the imperialist ambitions in Africa, in which the military interventions of Ethiopia and the USA in Somalia are included. The Central Committee demands from the portuguese Government a clear condemnation of the military aggression of Etiopia and the USA to Somalia.

At the beginning of a year, in which Portugal will take the floor of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, the Central Committee appraises the taking place of the National Meeting “Portugal and the European Union, on the 20th anniversary of the adhesion to the EEC”.

Within a framework marked by deeply negative signs of the evolution of the situation in the european continent, namely with the reinforcement of the so-called strategy “transatlantic link”, the Central Committee denounces the renovated attempt to take up again the process of imposing the so-called “European Constitution” and states, at present, its frontal opposition to the use of the Portuguese Presidency for such purposes, during the second semester of 2007.

The new recent NATO summit which took place in Riga – with conclusions which reinforce its strength as a global, aggressive and offensive nature organization – constitutes a reward to some of the most reactionary, revanchiste and anti-communist european governments and demonstrates in a non-stabilizing course of action, within the ex-Soviet Union territory, a project of the expanding of NATO close up to the frontiers of Russia.

The Central Committee analysed and highlighted the great importance of the holding of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, in Portugal, last November. A Meeting which, cofirming the central thesis which great dangers coexist nowadays with struggle and progressist, and even revolutionary advance potentialities, projected in Portugal and to the world, a central opinion, in which Socialism confirms to be the only necessary, real and credible alternative, towards a reversal of the present negative tendencies of the world evolution.

The Central Committee valueying the dimension, public projection and the conclusions of the International Meeting, reiterated the availability and the will of the PCP to continue to contribute towards the strengthening of this important process of cooperation of communist and revolutionary Parties, from all over the world.

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