Release from the PCP Press Office

On the policies of violation of rights of immigrants in the US and EU

The confinement of immigrants in detention camps in the US, and particularly the detention of children separated from their parents, is a barbaric act that violates the most basic human rights and is the concrete expression of a xenophobic and racist policy that deserves the strongest condemnation by the PCP, proven by its coherent and determined action in the defence and affirmation of the values ​​of freedom and democracy.

Having obtained greater visibility, dimension and seriousness as a result of the so-called "zero tolerance policy" of the current US Administration, the policy of detention of migrants and the separation of families is not exclusive to the Trump Administration, and is a practice set down by previous Administrations . Well known are the prison camps and facilities where thousands of immigrants have been detained, as well as numerous accusations that confirm the systemic character of a deeply exploitative, discriminatory and inhumane US immigration policy designed in the interests of large US economic groups.

The inhumane treatment of thousands of immigrants in the United States is far from being the only expression of a policy that systematically violates the most basic human rights in that country, as evidenced by great discrimination and violations of the rights of various minorities in the United States, particularly African-Americans, or the existence of detention camps outside US territory.

The practices that now cause justified commotion and revolt, particularly in the European continent, are not unique to the US Administration. The policies of the European Union - which the Franco-German axis now intends to deepen with the development of the concept of “fortress EU”- is equally inhumane, selective and exploitative, as is evident in its option to finance the return/expulsion and the creation of retention camps, particularly in third countries, such as Turkey; in the militarization of the migratory issue; in the usurpation of fundamental elements of national sovereignty, with the creation of a "police" and the imposition of an asylum policy in the EU; or in the policy of selection of immigrants (the famous blue card) according to the needs of big capital.

The PCP reaffirms that the migratory movements that mark the beginning of the 21st Century are a direct result of the exploitative, oppressive and aggressive nature of capitalism. The millions of migrants and refugees who are incorrectly "singled" as a threat or a danger are the main victims of the policies of exploitation war and plunder of resources that the imperialist powers carry out in various parts of the world.

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