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People want peace - European Parliament incites confrontation and war

People want peace - European Parliament incites confrontation and war

The resolution of the European Parliament, named “Recognition of the Russian Federation as a State that sponsors terrorism”, is part of the policy of confrontation and war that has been promoted in Europe, aiming at its worsening and continuation.

A resolution that, in line with the US Senate and House of Representatives and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, among other entities: incites the continuation of the war; aims to hinder, or even make impossible, the necessary dialogue with a view to the peaceful resolution of the conflict; and it encourages the continuation of the policy of confrontation, siege and isolation of Russia, curbing possible understandings between the parties and the appeasement and normalisation of relations at the international level.

The European Parliament thus seeks to follow in the footsteps of the US which proclaims, in defiance of the United Nations and international law, so-called “states sponsoring terrorism”, as the US administration, headed by Donald Trump, did with regard to Cuba , on January 12, 2021. It should also be remembered that the US kept the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, on its so-called “terrorist list” until 2008. Examples that attest to the illegitimacy, instrumental nature and hypocrisy of such so-called “lists”.

Furthermore, it is significant that, in its cynical eagerness, the European Parliament turns a blind eye to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and the oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel, to the war in Yemen, the wars of the US, NATO and its allies against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria, and their toll of death, suffering, destruction and millions of displaced people and refugees.

Among other profoundly negative aspects of the resolution, it should be noted the intention of attributing an alleged and illegal extraterritorial character to the policy of confrontation and war, which the European Parliament seeks to promote, by asking the Commission and the Member States to consider possible measures against third countries who have their own position on the relationship with Russia and the sanctions imposed by the EU, openly and unacceptably calling for pressure and blackmail on these countries.

It should also be noted the intention of the European Parliament to impose a single thought on the conflict in Ukraine – its causes, responsible parties and the paths that are required –, as well as to rewrite history, promoting anti-Sovietism and whitewashing fascism.

The incitement of war, militaristic drift, the spiral of sanctions imposed by the US, the European Union and NATO are causing a serious deterioration of the economic and social situation, with unbridled speculation, the spiralling increase in the prices of energy, food and other essential goods.

Aware of the serious dangers that this policy entails for the peoples of Europe and the world, the PCP’s MPs in the European Parliament reaffirm that it is urgent that the US, NATO and the European Union stop instigating and fuelling the war in Ukraine and open channels for negotiation with the other players, namely the Russian Federation, with a view to reaching a political solution, a response to the problems of collective security and disarmament in Europe, compliance with the principles of the UN Charter and the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference.

It is necessary to defend the dialogue with a view to peace, looking at the causes of the conflict, and not incite and feed an escalation of unpredictable consequences, to which this resolution, and the path it points, contributes.

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