Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP welcomes annulment of the sentences against Lula da Silva

The PCP welcomes the annulment of the sentences passed against Lula da Silva, a decision that gives great joy to all those who defend freedom, justice and democracy.

A decision that confirms the clear political motivation of the Lava-Jato process and its inseparable articulation with the institutional coup carried out in Brazil with the illegitimate and scandalous removal of the elected President Dilma Rousseff, in 2016.

A coup that, leading to the conviction of Lula da Silva and his prison during 580 days, prevented his participation in the 2018 presidential elections and gave rise to a vast campaign of smear and slander against Brazilian left forces, contributing to the election of Bolsonaro and the development of the reactionary programme that he carries in the presidency of Brazil.

Saluting Lula da Silva and all those who showed solidarity with the struggle in defence of his freedom and of democracy in Brazil, the PCP hopes that justice in this process will be fully restored and that those who, with their acts outside the law, endorsed the coup and the anti-democratic action, strongly attacking the rights and interests of the Brazilian people, be held responsible.