Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP starts campaign «More strength to the workers»

With more than fifty initiatives, the PCP starts tomorrow, February 2, the action “More strength to the workers”, which will be carried out with the workers in companies and workplaces all over the country, until the end of May.

An initiative, involving contact actions, propaganda, distribution of documents, meetings, testimonials, which aims to denounce the problems faced by the workers and which seeks to affirm the importance of work and workers, promoting the valorisation of their wages, working times, employment relationships, rights and working conditions.

With this action, the PCP demands more strength to the workers, valuing their unique and irreplaceable role in society and in the production of wealth, ensuring a greater share of wages and pensions in national income, ensuring their intervention in the definition of labour legislation, defending their right to organise and intervene in companies and workplaces, to fight injustice, inequality and exploitation.

Pointing the way to the organisation, unity and workers' struggle to defend, restore and conquer rights, the PCP will once again place at the centre of the debate, along these months, in addition to the demand for an increase in wages, as a national emergency, the reduction of working hours to 35 hours for everyone, without loss of pay, the guarantee that each permanent job corresponds to an effective employment contract, the guarantee of rights and working conditions, the repeal of the grievous rules of the legislation labour legislation, namely the expiry of collective bargaining and the restoration of the principle of more favourable treatment for workers, the strengthening of workers' rights in the event of illness or unemployment, public and universal Social Security, the imposition of a ceiling on prices of essential goods and services , namely food, housing and fuel, fighting speculation, increasing maternity/paternity rights, central measures of the patriotic and left-wing policy that the PCP defends.