Statement by Bruno Dias, MP and Member of the Central Committee, Act of Solidarity with Palestine

PCP sides with the Palestinian people's struggle for freedom, independence and for a just and lasting peace

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The PCP expresses its solidarity with Palestine and its people.

Once again it was present, here at Martim Moniz in Lisbon, and once again the Portuguese Communist Party is present and says out loud that it sides with the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom, independence and for a just and lasting peace.

At a time when, once again, there are threats against Palestine and the Palestinian people regarding the annexation that is being prepared, is announced, is being launched at every moment by the government of Israel, by the State of Israel with the connivance and collaboration and complicity of the great powers, with the United States at the head, it is more important than ever to say, loudly, that it is necessary to denounce the crimes of the State of Israel, but also to affirm our solidarity with the heroic people of Palestine.

With this very clear demand, the Portuguese State, the government of Portugal has to stop this connivance, this complicit silence on what is being done by the State of Israel. There has to be a firm action, there has to be a proper action by the Portuguese State, enforcing the Constitution of the Republic, ensuring respect for international law, assuming a just stand on the side of those who fight for this peace and for this justice.

The Palestinian people, once again, can count on us, in the Assembly of the Republic, here in Lisbon at Martim Moniz, everywhere, we know that the Palestinian people can count on the PCP and its solidarity.

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