from the PCP Press Office

PCP salutes Lula da Silva and the Brazilian progressive forces for their victory in the first round of the presidential elections in Brazil

The PCP congratulates Lula da Silva on the victory achieved in the first round of the presidential elections in Brazil, a result that represents an affirmation of hope for all those who aspire to a profound change in Brazil and a better future for the Brazilian people, with a confident prospect of a new victory for Lula da Silva in the second round of elections on October 30.

The victory achieved by Lula da Silva, with six million more votes than Bolsonaro's candidacy, also represents a rejection of the continuation of Bolsonaro's government, of its retrograde, anti-democratic and fascistic projects and of its policy of attack on rights and democracy, the promotion of lies and the instigation of hatred and division of workers and the Brazilian people, with disastrous economic and social consequences for millions of Brazilians.

The PCP stands in solidarity with the progressive Brazilian forces gathered in the Brasil da Esperança Federation and in the «Vamos Juntos pelo Brasil» electoral platform – made up of the Workers’ Party and the Communist Party of Brazil and many other Brazilian political forces – and all Brazilians who are mobilized to continue the fight for the victory of Lula da Silva in the second round of the elections and to confidently affirm hope and certainty in a fairer, more democratic and developed Brazil.