Speech by Angelo Alves, Political Committee of the Central Committee

PCP at the great mass rally of the Communist Party of Greece - Athens

More than 100.000 people participated last Saturday in Athens in a huge rally organised by the CP of Greece. Marked by a strong protest against capital’s and Greek government’s class offensive under the excuse of combat against the crisis, with an appeal for mobilization for “new struggles” and the presentation by the CP of Greece of an alternative of progress in the framework of a struggle for Socialism in Greece.

Speech by Angelo Alves, member of the Political Committee of the CC and member of the International Department.

Dear Comrades and friends,

Accept a strong and warm embrace from Portugal, from the workers and the Portuguese people in struggle. A friendly and solidary embrace from the Portuguese communists and their Party – the Portuguese Communist Party.

An embrace materialized here and today, but forged everyday in the relations of friendship and solidarity between both our Parties. Forged everyday in the struggle for the defence of the rights of the workers and peoples in each of our countries. Forged everyday by sharing the goal of following, through struggle, the paths of a real alternative to capitalism and its deepening crisis – for Socialism.

An embrace meant for all those who in their workplaces, in schools, on the streets, in the squares and avenues of your country are carrying out this historic, long and persistent struggle against the offensive by imperialism, big capital, European Union, IMF, PASOK government and the political forces which support their anti-social and anti-patriotic policy. A struggle we know is hard, but very passionate and full of hope and of the future.

To all of you we want to convey a message of incentive and confidence. We want to tell you that you are not alone in your struggle. In Portugal – facing the same attacks, the same blackmails, the same lies – there is also a people and a Communist Party who, side by side with the working and popular masses, with the class trade union movement, defending the achievements of the liberating April Revolution, do not yield or give up the struggle. In Portugal there is a Party and a working people who, despite the geographical distance between us, are at your side in the class struggle.

At your side affirming that yes, we are ready to make sacrifices, as we have throughout our history, giving our lives if necessary. But sacrifices for the love of freedom, of justice, of peace, of social progress and of socialism, sacrifices for the workers and the people and not against them!
Here we stand at your side affirming that there is a way out. And it is through this way out, built by the people, for the people and with the people that the communists are ready to make sacrifices and fight. And always with great joy, however difficult, long and demanding the struggle for the emancipation of the workers and the peoples!

Long live the workers and people of Greece!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Long live the friendship between the Greek and Portuguese communists!
The struggle continues!

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