Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP demands that the US remove Cuba from the illegitimate «list of countries sponsoring terrorism»

The PCP repudiates the US Administration’s provocative decision to keep Cuba on the arbitrary “list of countries sponsoring terrorism”, going against Biden’s promises to reverse this unacceptable measure that was enacted by the Trump Administration days before the end of its term.

The PCP stresses that it is not Cuba, but the US that fosters and promotes destabilisation operations targeting other countries, through the use of groups that are characterised by their violent and terrorist action. The PCP recalls that, since the first moments of the Cuban Revolution with the Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuba has been the victim of aggression and interference, including various acts of terrorism, perpetrated and sponsored by the US.

Openly disregarding international law and numerous resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the US insists on the application of coercive and unilateral measures against Cuba, aimed at reinforcing the criminal and illegal economic, financial and commercial blockade and its extraterritorial character, which it has imposed for more than 60 years, seeking to defeat the Cuban Revolution.

The PCP considers that the Portuguese Government should express its repudiation for such an illegitimate and inadmissible decision by the US Administration, which constitutes a provocation and act of aggression against Cuba.

The PCP stresses the example of courage and dignity of Cuba and its people who, facing a demanding and complex situation inseparable from the intensification of the blockade imposed by US imperialism, are determinedly committed to defending their sovereignty and independence and their legitimate rights, including the right to development.

Reaffirming its solidarity to the Cuban people and its socialist Revolution, the PCP demands an immediate end to the US blockade against Cuba and the immediate removal of Cuba from the US's so-called "list of countries sponsoring terrorism".

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