Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns US decision not abide by with Iran nuclear deal

PCP vehemently condemns the US Administrations's decision of breaking from the nuclear deal with Iran and imposing new sanctions upon this country, representing a serious step in the US militarist escalation and a demonstration of its contempt for the United Nations Charter and international law.

The US rejection of the deal it signed with Iran, the remaining four permanent members of the Security Council —China, France, United Kingdom and Russia—, Germany and the European Union constitutes a serious provocation and reflects the deepening of its policy of confrontation.

PCP alerts to the danger of escalation of the aggression by US imperialism and its allies in the Middle East, namely against Iran or Lebanon — following the wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

PCP underlines the warmongering and systematic disrespect for international law by Israel —a nuclear power, non-signatory of the agreement on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and that is illegally occupying Palestinian territories— and Saudi Arabia, both countries responsible for wars of aggression against the peoples of the Middle East.

PCP underscores that the reactions of the European Union and its main powers to the US decision, evidencing contradictions, don't erase their responsibility and connivance with the operations of interference and aggression by the US and NATO, made clear in the anglo-french participation in the recent military attacks on Syria, based on war propaganda lies.

The defense of peace in the Middle East is incompatible with conceding to blackmail by the US Administration. The UN General-Secretary is obliged to use every means and instrument at his disposal so that the UN assumes its role in defending the principles of its Charter, including the condemnation of this US decision, clearly in conflict with international law.

PCP demands that the Portuguese Government, respecting the Constitution, conclude from this episode all consequences in terms of external policy, namely regarding the end of Portugal's involvement in operations of interference and aggression against other peoples, in flagrant violation of the UN Charter and international law.

Expressing its solidarity with the Iranian people and other peoples of the Middle East, who resist the violent offensive of imperialism against their sovereignty and rights, PCP appeals to the Portuguese workers and people to redouble their efforts in struggling for peace and their solidarity with the peoples victim of imperialist aggressions, and they participate in the actions of solidarity with Palestine, which will take place May 14th, in Lisbon, and May 15th, in Porto.