Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns the US aggressive escalation in the Middle East

PCP condemns the US military attacks in Iraq and the assassination of one of the highest Iranian military officers, which constitutes an unequivocal act of war, whose developments may have deeply negative consequences for the peoples of the Middle East and repercussions throughout the world.

This military attack represents a serious step in an escalation of tension, provocation and aggression by the US and Israel in the Middle East – which includes the US violation of the «Nuclear Agreement with Iran» and the offensive against Iran –, aiming to impose the hegemony of US imperialism throughout the region.

The assassination of the Qassem Soleimani, Iranian general, in Iraqi territory, was considered by the authorities of this country a «gross violation of sovereignty» and an «aggression» on Iraq, country invaded and occupied by the US, after a campaign of lies and war.

After three decades of imperialist aggressions that sowed death and destruction in the Middle East, the warmongering and aggressive policy of the US threatens to lead the planet towards a new war of large proportions.

Noting the lack of condemnation, by institutions such as the European Union, of the US's clear affront to international law, PCP considers that the Portuguese Government – who recently hosted in Portugal a meeting between the two most important protagonists of warmongering policy and violations of international law, namely Michael Pompeo, US Secretary of State, and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime-minister – should clearly condemn this act of war and escalation of provocation, or become an accomplice to Trump and Netanyahu's war crimes and further associate Portugal with the incendiary and criminal policies of imperialism.

Recent events prove the fairness of PCP's reiterated positions to not involve Portuguese military or militarized forces in aggressions and interventions against other peoples, which are contrary to the national interest and security. Therefore, PCP defends the urgent withdrawal of the Portuguese military contingent stationed in Iraq.