Release from the PCP Press Office

The PCP condemns the persecutory measures against the Communist Party of Poland

The PCP condemns the persecutory measures  against the Communist Party of Poland

Confronted with the renewal of the court case by the Polish authorities against the Communist Party of Poland and its members, under the charge of promoting Communist ideology, the Portuguese Communist Party expresses its most vehement condemnation and demands an end to these persecutory and anti-democratic measures.

These measures are part and parcel of a reactionary attempt to falsify History by, in a slanderous and unacceptable way, attempting to equate fascism and Communism, whitewashing the crimes of nazi-fascism and the responsibilities of the great capitalist powers – which paved the way for the advance of Hitler’s hordes and the unleashing of World War II – and erasing the contribution made by the Communists, the Soviet Union and the socialist system, to the defeat of nazi-fascism’s horrendous projects and for the major democratic and progressive advances that were achieved during the Twentieth Century.

The PCP must alert to the significance of the increasingly anti-democratic acts and mindsets that are present, not just in various countries of the European Union, but which are also disturbingly expressed within the framework of the EU institutions themselves.

The Portuguese Communist Party has taken the initiative of expressing, through its members in the European Parliament, condemnation for the repressive measures and the acts of political persecution carried out by the Polish authorities against the Communists, anti-fascists and other democrats in Poland, considering that these measures and acts are all the more serious as racism and xenophobia are on the rise in Poland, symbols of the anti-fascist struggle and the victory over nazi-fascism are being destroyed, and democratic, political, social and economic rights are under attack.